# Introduction

NitriteCollection represents a named document collection stored in a Nitrite database. It persists documents in a Nitrite database. It is similar to a table in relational database or a collection in MongoDB.

Each document in a collection is associated with a unique NitriteId. It exposes a set of methods to perform CRUD operations on documents. It also supports indexing and querying. It also supports event based notification on document changes.

# Creating a Collection

A NitriteCollection can be created using Nitrite class. You need to call getCollection() method on Nitrite class to get an instance of a Future<NitriteCollection>.

If the collection does not exist, then it will be created automatically. If a collection with the same name already exists, then it will return the existing collection.

var db = await nitriteBuilder()

var collection = await db.getCollection("myCollection");

# Limitations on Collection Name

A collection name cannot be null or empty string. It cannot contains any of the following characters:

  • | (pipe)
  • : (colon)
  • + (plus)

The name also cannot be any of the following reserved words:

  • $nitrite_users
  • $nitrite_index_meta
  • $nitrite_index
  • $nitrite_meta_map
  • $nitrite_store_info
  • $nitrite_catalog